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Privacy Statement

What applies to me?

All visitors to The Griddle should know that The Griddle takes user privacy seriously. As such, here is a disclosure of some of the services The Griddle uses to better tailor puzzle offerings to visitors:

The below items only apply to you if you have an account and profile on The Griddle. The above items apply to all users of The Griddle.

What is all of this?

Having an account and profile on The Griddle allows you to save/share your favorite puzzles, mark puzzles you have solved, earn badges and prize puzzle tickets, and unlock content through entering codes. It may also be used to mark favorites and solved puzzles on other puzzle sites where The Griddle's API is used.

What do you need to know about me?

Here are the important three needed to provide you access to your account:

On your public profile page, people will be able to see:

The Griddle will also keep track of:

The Griddle will also keep track of, but not display on your profile:

Your email address is used for:

Terms of Use

I (Dave) just ask a few things from you:

Dave will…

This privacy statement and terms of use may change in the future, and if you continue using your account from The Griddle, either on The Griddle or by interacting with its widgets and API on other sites, it is considered acceptance of the new terms. This was last updated December 11, 2013.

Still need more info?

Contact Dave directly: by phone at +1 616-819-9218 or by email at