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Logic Masters India

Sampler Platter

In August 2010, Logic Masters India held the sudoku test "Sampler Platter" featuring 18 sudoku puzzles I authored. Thanks to all who participated in "Sampler Platter". I'm very pleased to hear that the puzzles were enjoyed by many. If you didn't participate, you may still get the puzzles over at the LMI website to try at your leisure.


In November 2010, Logic Masters India held my rather short, but interesting, puzzle test "FLIP". It featured a variety of puzzle types and variants with a FLIP theme. After the test, I even released a special booklet containing the full instruction booklet, puzzle booklet, answer key, unused puzzles, and additional fun facts and figures. Thanks to all who participated in "FLIP" and gave feedback afterward.

2011 IPC and 2011 ISC

I've helped create the logos and the some PDF page design for the 2011 Indian Puzzle and Sudoku Championships, as well as some weight puzzles used for the puzzle championship.