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About The Griddle

The Griddle is the home of free printable puzzles and other puzzle-related endeavors by David Millar. In operation since 2006, the site features hundreds of puzzle sheets available in PDF format that amount to more than 1000 individual puzzles.

In addition, The Griddle hosts puzzle-centric educator resources, information on past and future promotions related to puzzles, and a solver login/profile system.

Puzzle enthusiasts can share favorites and view solving stats from The Griddle and participating API partners, as well as enter codes decrypted from puzzle solutions and from puzzle activities to earn badges.

About David Millar

David Millar is a software engineer, puzzle author, and fantasy cartographer originally from Michigan and now residing in Fort Worth, Texas.

Having written puzzles for more than a decade, he's worked with entities such as Sudoku Xtra, Publications International Ltd., Trapdoor Books and American Mensa.

In collaboration with other puzzlers, his puzzles have been used in the India and United Kingdom Puzzle Championships and World Sudoku and Puzzle Championships.

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