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Educator Resources

As part of my love for all things brainy, I offer some math and puzzle-related resources here for educators to use in their classrooms.

Puzzle Resources

For Younger Students

For Older Students

Unless a specific license or alternate author is noted, I (David Millar) retain copyright of the materials I've created. I grant permission for educators to print and use the materials with students free of charge. To obtain extra permissions for use and modification of the content, or to request additional content, please contact me at I'm more than happy to facilitate most requests that come my way.

Math Resources

Multiplication Table Handout

Handouts designed upon request from Joshua Zucker. Multiplication table concept by Nataša Radas. Non-commercial use only, please.

Arithmetic Worksheet Generator

The generator was originally for a coworker, but I'm sharing it here as well. It's still in beta, but totally usable and released under a Creative Commons license — so it's totally remixable as well. I'll host a more-finished copy here eventually, but will keep it hosted on Dropbox while I'm still working on it.