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The main reason The Griddle exists is because I love giving out my puzzles for free. I love hearing when visitors tell me that they're using my logic and word puzzles in their classes, for a challenge at work, to cure boredom on long trips, and in a variety of other situations. I also enjoy giving out other free stuff to my visitors as a "thank you" for all of the support I've been given.

In some cases, I'll get offers from other people to help promote their products and services through giveaways and other mentions on The Griddle. This page's purpose is to disclose the relationship between those entities and The Griddle.


Martian Salsa

Martian Salsa has sponsored a prize puzzle on The Griddle where free salsa was given away to a winner. I do design and social media work with Martian Salsa and the prize puzzle was a promotion idea that I came up with. I did not receive any specific compensation for this contest, but have received gifts for the web design and social media help I provided.


Toyzzle/Rotopath has sponsored a prize puzzle on The Griddle where a free copy of the puzzle game Rotopath was given away to a winner. I was given a free copy of the Rotopath game to try prior to agreeing to hold a prize puzzle giveaway.

Mr. Accessories (Kingdom of Loathing)

I've given away Mr. Accessories as prizes in puzzle contests with The Griddle. The creators of Kingdom of Loathing have not endorsed or sponsored the contests in any way and have no relationship with The Griddle; I paid the donation for the in-game items myself.

Puzzler World

Several free unlock codes for Puzzler World were given to me by the developers of the PC edition of the game; 1 for myself and others for either friends or giveaway prizes. I did not receive any other compensation for this contest besides my unlock code for the full game.


Sudoku Xtra

Sudoku Xtra is advertised in the schedule of events on some pages and elsewhere on the site. My work appears in Sudoku Xtra and I also work as an editor for the magazine, so I receive a free copy of the magazine each issue.

Trapdoor Books

Trapdoor Books gives me free copies of their fiction books to base themed puzzles on for use on their blog and on The Griddle.