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November 30, 2012

Puzzle #693: Advent Calendar Day 1

Tile incoming! Where better to start than the top-left? Add these clues to your grid (or simply cut this part out and prepare to do some taping or pasting later) and try making a bit of ground...

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PavelCurtis Gravatar for PavelCurtis

Ack! The daily tile is a different size from the full grid! I have to manually copy the relevant clues? Oh, the humanity! :-)

11/30/12 5:25 pm

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

That's one way. The other is cutting out each square individually and assembling as you go. But so far the single-sheet and handwritten clues method is working for mathgrant, and it's more eco-friendly. :)

11/30/12 9:04 pm

joshuazucker Gravatar for joshuazucker

Yeah, the copying is OK so far. I copy carefully in pen so that I can do the puzzle in pencil and erase as much as I like without obliterating clues.

Much to my astonishment, I think that I was able to deduce 23 unit segments of the fence using only these clues. And I think I figured out the shading (which is how I show whether they're inside or outside the fence) of 37 of the 49 unit squares, too! Soon I'll check in with my solving buddy and see if my logic holds up under scrutiny.

11/30/12 9:37 pm

puzzlescot Gravatar for puzzlescot


12/01/12 4:35 am

Erik07 Gravatar for Erik07

I'm not sure if it's just me, or the file...
But I read the instructions on Number Pods as "Each pod must remail"...

12/01/12 6:31 am

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

That's "2 AM" for "remain". Does Google translate not translate to or from "2 AM"?

12/01/12 9:43 am

sf2l Gravatar for sf2l

which is the difference between red hints and those in greygreen colour? they look all masyu hints but the second ones are at the edge is this the only difference?

12/01/12 1:06 pm

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

They're just grey because they're on the edge. I suppose I could have left them all the same, but I thought that leaving the edge clues grey and making each tile's corner darker could make things easier when transposing clues. If not, let me know - what I learn this year will improve future years' calendars. :)

12/01/12 8:34 pm

joshuazucker Gravatar for joshuazucker

The slight darkening of the marks at each tile's corner is amazingly useful. (I might lighten the other marks even more than they already are). I don't think I much care either way about the color of the edge clues or inside clues. I somewhat like the idea of using different colors for the Slitherlink clues and Corral clues, though.

12/01/12 9:00 pm

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