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June 30, 2012

Puzzle #688: Extended Shape Sudoku

This type of variant should be familiar to those of you who have dug through my archives. In addition to the shapes rather than standard boxes, and in addition to consecutive markers, there are extensions around the regular grid to make the rows and columns wider. Enjoy!

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kublai Gravatar for kublai

Very cool puzzles. I think there are a couple of missing consecutive clues in the first (upper left) puzzle. Well, one I know is missing (R1 C2-3), and the other I think is missing (R3-4 C3). I've tried it a few times and always need those cells to be consecutive.

Thanks for all your work!!

07/05/12 1:50 pm

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

Thanks for the heads up kublai. I'll take a look at the puzzle again once I get home tonight.

07/12/12 2:30 pm

dreamer234 Gravatar for dreamer234

I found the same situation as kublai. I had missed it at first and thought I had solved the puzzle correctly but after seeing the comment I went back and looked and sure enough there were those two unmarked consecutives. I tried the puzzle again and found no other way around it without breaking some other rule.

07/16/12 10:22 am

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

My apologies for not correcting this sooner. I have a few project deadlines to work toward, but this issue is still on my to-do list. Thank you both once again for the information and for visiting and solving in general. :)

07/21/12 11:51 am

furudo_erika Gravatar for furudo_erika

I didn't check the comments and just got bitten by the missing clues :( Fortunately it's obviously broken due to the missing outside row clue so I didn't waste much time.

04/02/13 11:42 am

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