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June 3, 2010

Puzzle #484: Shapeword

Solve the crossword, the key, and the meta clue all in this twist on a crossword puzzle!

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mathgrant Gravatar for mathgrant

E-down: a surname would be appreciated, since the individual in question doesn't seem to be known by just a first name. For example, "Former The Price is Right host Barker" would be a preferable clue for BOB than "Former The Price is Right host".

E-Across/J-Down: Is the letter shared by these answers meant to be a square instead of a circle?

H-Down: The fact that "character" was abbreviated led me to expect the answer would also be an abbreviation, but it wasn't.

Meta-clue: I had to use the Internet to find the answer; I believe the last letter in the clue should be up-triangle/star.

06/03/10 9:01 pm

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

Thanks yet again for the feedback.

The E/J shape was actually supposed to be an up triangle. I changed the letter mid-creation and there were a circle and a triangle there and I copied the wrong one.

Made E down more clear with the surname and also took out the abbreviation for H down.

For the meta-clue, I did figure it might take a Google search to solve. You're right about the shapes though - turns out I had her name spelled slightly wrong. Oops! All fixed now though.

Thanks again!

06/04/10 7:19 am

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