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May 3, 2010

Puzzle #475: Haunted Mirror Mazes

Happy Monday! This set of four 6x6 haunted mirror maze puzzles is sure to give you a tough challenge. It features zombies, ghosts, and vampires.

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StephenM3 Gravatar for StephenM3

Just printed out all the Haunted puzzles, and am exited to go to work! Looks like there's a lot of other cool puzzles here as well... I'm really happy to find such a great source of logic puzzles that aren't just soduku!

Have you ever considered putting out a book?

05/09/10 10:21 pm

StephenM3 Gravatar for StephenM3

I mean, not that that's nearly an easy process, or even feasible. But I guess what I'm saying is just that I like this stuff!

05/09/10 10:33 pm

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

Glad you like them Stephen! By a book do you mean just Haunted Mirror Mazes or all of my different puzzles?

Perhaps I'll put out an e-book and try a print on demand service to go with it. I love making my puzzles free, but if I could even get $2 per copy that would do wonders to help me keep working on the site and worrying less!

05/10/10 7:53 am

Stephen Maxwell Gravatar for Stephen Maxwell

A book of different puzzles would be great! (One of few, but) the favorite puzzle book I've bought had a few chapters, each dedicated to a different puzzle. If you made such a thing, you'd have at least one buyer in me!

05/10/10 2:49 pm

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

Thanks for the suggestion Stephen. I've started work on a bunch of puzzles for a Haunted Mirror Maze specific book that I'll do first, but later I'll do one that has a variety of puzzles within. I'll probably use Lulu to self publish, but if you (or anyone else) has a better suggestion, please let me know!

05/11/10 5:58 am

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