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April 16, 2010

Puzzle #463: Cryptic Crossword

Try out this cryptic style crossword - my first!

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Puzzle Fan Gravatar for Puzzle Fan

You might want to look for 21 Down and 24 Across on the editing floor. I'm guessing they might be OVER and GATOR, but I'm not positive. Also, I think the correct spelling is 'readies' in 13 Across.

04/16/10 6:15 pm

mathgrant Gravatar for mathgrant

I'm no expert, but here is some criticism of your crossword; I hope it is constructive.

9-Across: I'm not a very big fan of using "hyper" in a clue for HYPE, when the two words are such remarkably obvious etymological cousins.

12-Across: You use "up north" as a reversal indicator; this can be done in Down clues only.

13-Across: If the answer is SNIPER, I'm not seeing how the wordplay portion of the clue works. :/

14-Across: Very poor container indicator. (Also, 2-Down and 28-Across.)

Unnumbered Across entry (entered backwards): is "possible" really a synonym of ABLE? I am "able" to do something, but something is "possible" to do.

1-Down: I don't think you can use "endless" to mean "remove the last two letters"; the last letter is the "end", not the last two. (Also see 20-Across.)

8-Down: The L in the answer isn't clued at all. You can't just clue PEARL by saying it has PEAR in it; the L has to be clued, too. Same with the Y in 16-Down.

04/16/10 10:37 pm

Puzzle Fan Gravatar for Puzzle Fan

13 Across:
Fruit readies = RIPENS
twistedly = anagram
for a shooter = SNIPER

04/17/10 3:05 pm

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

Thanks for the feedback guys - and sorry I put this piece of crap up. I'll fix what I can and repost, but it looks like I won't be making one of these again.

04/19/10 6:44 am

Puzzle Fan Gravatar for Puzzle Fan

Don't give up on the format yet. Sure, a few clues could have been tightened up, but they didn't affect the solvability. In fact, even with the previously missing clues, I was able to fill in every square correctly.

04/19/10 2:05 pm

Peter Biddlecombe Gravatar for Peter Biddlecombe

I suspect anyone's first go at a cryptic crossword is likely to be pretty poor. You should probably study a lot of good puzzles before your next go, and see how accurate the definitions and wordplay are, while still creating misleading clues. The combination of those two features is very difficult, but that's not a reason for not trying - the man who never made a mistake never made anything, as my mother used to say. There are lots of good puzzles out there and analyses of them on crossword-related blogs - see links on my site ...

I'd suggest a more orthodox grid - the amount of checking in yours makes for easy solving, but having every word 6 letters or less makes the vocabulary less interesting than it might be. The same clue type three times in a row (1/5/9 across) is something to avoid if possible.

04/24/10 3:10 am

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

Thanks again for the comments guys. It's not so much that I don't think I can improve in this area as much as logic puzzles are what I'm good at - and probably what I should stick with.

Peter: Your YAGCC articles were part of the crash course I went through in making this puzzle, but I admit I rushed through a lot of the process. I might give it another go, but like I said above - logic puzzles are more my cup of tea. Heck, I can barely solve a Cryptic Crossword. What business do I have trying to make one?

Thanks for the advice anyway though, and maybe in a few weeks I'll have something new and better for everyone to check out.

04/26/10 5:49 am

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