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April 11, 2010

Puzzle #462: Think Three Slitherlink

In this special shotgun slitherlink, all of the clues use the number 3! It's inspired by a puzzle by the ever-talented MellowMelon.

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mathgrant Gravatar for mathgrant

Typo: "but tur.n before and after" has an unnecessary period in "turn".

Clarification: "Each cell with a 3 must have 3 walls around it as part of the loop." How does this rule apply to the boxed 3's, 3+3's, and 3x3's? As written, the rule says that these cells must also have 3 walls next to them, and not just the cells with non-boxed 3's. However, I don't think the puzzles are solvable that way. :)

04/15/10 4:59 pm

mathgrant Gravatar for mathgrant

While we're at it, I think that the first puzzle is unsolvable; you might have left out a 3.

04/15/10 6:01 pm

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

Thanks for the message Grant. The unboxed 3's are what need 3 walls, not boxed 3's. I'll see if I can clarify the rules and repost it later today.

As for the puzzle being unsolvable, I test solved both of the two puzzles twice, but I'll check again just to be certain. If you could e-mail me what you have for the top puzzle though and point out a trouble spot, I would appreciate it.

04/16/10 12:55 pm

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

Found the culprit Grant - a 3 I missed. Fixed the PDF now and it has better instructions. (Hopefully better anyway.)

04/16/10 4:20 pm

mathgrant Gravatar for mathgrant

The PDF seems to be unchanged. The "tur.n" typo is still there.

04/16/10 5:27 pm

Anonymous Puzzler Gravatar for Anonymous Puzzler

I think its still the old version of the puzzle

04/24/10 12:57 pm

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

Sorry. I don't know what happened. Even after uploading it TWICE it still showed the old PDF. I refreshed a few times and now it should be the right one. The new version has a small sample grid in the lower left corner to distinguish it from the original.

04/26/10 5:41 am

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