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April 4, 2010

Puzzle #458: Grid Fill

Place the words into the grids in this set of 4 grid fill puzzles!

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Michelle Gravatar for Michelle

Hi David

I think you made a tiny mistake with two walls in the last puzzle: If I'm not mistaken, the cell in the second row, last column should only have bold borders on the right an at the bottom, not also at the top and on the left.

I'm still working on the Grab Bag :-) Not as easy as this one.

04/05/10 12:16 pm

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

Hey Michelle, thanks for catching that. I've reposted it with the intended fix - the word list was meant to include ANKLE and S and have two shapes, not one shape and ANKLES. Thanks!

04/05/10 12:31 pm

Michelle Gravatar for Michelle

You're welcome, thanks for your great puzzles :-) By the way, you had the single S already in your list, now you've got it twice adding up to 5 single letters but only 4 single boxes.

04/05/10 1:29 pm

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

Fixed again, and thanks again!

04/05/10 1:33 pm

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