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October 11, 2009

Puzzle #379: Haunted Mirror Mazes

In this exciting new puzzle sheet, there's a new monster in the mazes: aliens! Plus we now have one-way mirrors and windows. Try these new concepts out!

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Shendy Gravatar for Shendy

Why don't you just publish a big collection of your Haunted mirror mazes?

10/31/09 9:02 pm

Shendy Gravatar for Shendy

I have an idea for your next mirror mazes:

Dragons: Seen twice in front of you (head on) but once in reflection (or the opposite of alien)

Skeletons: Seen twice on reflections and also seen twice in front of you(head on)

No ghost zone: Colored green and has no ghost there.

Light blockers: Stops your direct sight or reflection when it goes there

Anti reflection: Stops reflection but not direct sight

Anti head on sight: Stops direct sight but not reflection

Direct sight: Sight that is not reflected by a mirror

Reflection: Sight that has been reflected by a mirror

10/31/09 9:18 pm

David Millar Gravatar for David Millar

Hey Shendy!

I like your ideas. Right now I'm working with my friend Luke from CH4 Productions to add some of the things like aliens to the Haunted Mirror Maze iPhone/iPod Touch app.

I'll probably make a few more big sets of puzzles as a PDF, but I'd also love to see people buy a copy of our app. I'll definitely take your ideas into account for future puzzles though!

11/02/09 5:21 pm

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