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Paranormal Puzzle Pack cover — © 2012-2016 David Millar

Paranormal Puzzle Pack

Paranormal Puzzle Pack is a 92-page puzzle book featuring a variety of logic puzzles themed after the paranormal subculture. Puzzle types feature combinations of contemporary types, variations on contemporary types, and brand new puzzle types, with themes ranging from ghosts and vampires to UFOs to bigfoot.


  • 68 Pages of Puzzles to keep puzzlers busy for days.
  • Tutorial and Warm-Up start each section so even beginners can have fun.
  • Spiral-Bound* because the puzzles are hard enough without the book closing every five seconds.
  • Full Answer Key to confirm what a boss you are.

* Paperback edition only. Is it even possible to spiral-bind a PDF?

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Shipping is roughly $4 for the United States, a bit more worldwide. If you're not in the U.S., feel free to e-mail Dave for a price quote.

Not happy?

If you didn't have fun, please e-mail Dave. This is a one-man show, but he'll do what he can to find or make something you'll enjoy.

Returns for refund (less shipping costs) are permitted, at Dave's discretion, for unused books only. To start that process, please e-mail Dave.

What's Inside?

Area 51 Teaser — Paranormal Puzzle Pack — © 2012-2016 David Millar

Area 51 Puzzles

Area 51 puzzles are fence-building puzzles combining clue types commonly found in fences (aka slitherlink), masyu, corral, and other new clue types.

Haunted Mirror Maze Teaser — Paranormal Puzzle Pack — © 2012-2016 David Millar

Haunted Mirror Maze Puzzles

In this puzzle using similar mechanics as blackbox and hall of mirrors, a mirror maze contains a vraiety of monsters to identify based on the presence or lack of reflections.

UFO Sighting Teaser — Paranormal Puzzle Pack — © 2012-2016 David Millar

UFO Sighting Puzzles

Known elsewhere as "Easy as ABC" and under other names, this type is similar to latin squares and skyscraper puzzles.

In Search of Bigfoot Teaser — Paranormal Puzzle Pack — © 2012-2016 David Millar

In Search of Bigfoot Puzzles

In a nod to classic minesweeping puzzles, several bigfoot displaying incorrect clues are hiding amongst true clues in the grids.

All materials in and associated with Paranormal Puzzle Pack are © 2012-2016 David Millar. All rights reserved.

Special Thanks

A huge thank-you to everyone who believed in Paranormal Puzzle Pack enough to Kickstart the book!

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